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Paper bags also called paper packaging bags are more often used for packaging purpose with no folds i.e.. Gussets. These bags cannot carry very heavy weights but are durable and ideal for small products.


To cater to fulfill all the needs of such bags, we manufacture these bags in standard sizes due to its high demand in almost all industries. We manufacture these bags also in materials like food grade and OGR paper for packaging of liquid items. hence various types of bags help us to make our product to reach all types of industries.


These bags are primarily used to pack eatables, food parcels, pastry boxes, clothes and medicine packaging hence its suitable for consumption ideally for industries like pharmaceuticals ,apparels , cakes confectioneries, and imitation etc.

Product USP

Paper packaging bags are the best and economical option at places where plastic is banned or usage of polythene bags is to be reduced. With the help of our experienced craftsmen at Bagbee, these bags are made with quality material to make it more durable and strong. In this way, these bags not only are good for your budget but also help to reduce pollution led through plastic.


In the new world where we need things as per our convenience, providing customization is the key to make your products reach more audience. These bags are easily customizable with accordance to client's requirements and can be manufactured in brown , wood and off white colors and different sizes as per client requirement.

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