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BagBee uses eco-friendly non-woven materials for producing non-woven fabric. We use advanced technology to craft these bags with different dimensions, types, and designs.


We have expertise in producing different types of non-woven bags. We can customize the designs and dimensions according to the requirements of the buyers. We use advanced and eco-friendly technology to develop the following types of non-woven bags.

  • W-Cut Bags: The W-cut non-woven bags are excellent replacements for the plastic bags in grocery stores. These bags are designed to quickly load and carry different kinds of vegetables and grocery items.
  • D-Cut Bags: You can replace the plastic bags in your stores with these impressive and eco-friendly D-cut bags. Such bags are ideal for boutiques and fashion accessory stores. A pair of soft handles make the bag comfortable for carrying goods.
  • Loop Handle Bags: The non-woven loop handle bags can be used for multiple purposes. They are comfortable and stylish. Moreover, these bags can easily replace daily plastic bags, which are unsuitable for the environment.


Non-woven bags are excellent alternatives to PE or polyethylene bags. The non-woven bags are manufactured using polypropylene, which is a bio-degradable material. Due to the molecular stability, PE bags retain sturdiness for a long time. As a result, it takes around 300 years to bi-degrade this material naturally.

On the other hand, polypropylene is easily biodegradable. Our non-woven bags are good for the environment for this reason. At Bagbee, we manufacture non-woven bags for multiple purposes. You can replace your regular plastic grocery bags with these non-woven bags. Retailers and fashion boutique owners can use these bags to make their businesses environment-friendly.

Product USP

Many organizations and individuals prefer non-woven bags over plastic bags for multiple reasons. Environment-friendliness is the biggest USP of our non-woven bags. These bags are made with polypropylene (PP) instead of polyethylene (PE). PP is a bio-degradable material; thus, it is safe for the environment. Find some other product USPs below.

  • The best substitute for plastic bags is paper.
  • Low-cost manufacturing makes the bags reasonably priced.
  • These bags are reusable and recyclable.


Bagbee has a cutting-edge facility to produce non-woven bags according to clients' requirements. You can preorder the bags according to your requirements for designs, dimensions, colors, and types. We ensure tailor-made non-woven bags that meet 100% of clients' requirements with precision.

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